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I live in a great house with a great family and everything I need to both survive , go to school and learn , and have just because. But alot of times , I take all of the necessities I have and need to complete the task at hand for granted. Learning about these orphans and the things they need has really made a difference to me and helped me realize how good my life is and to respect what I have more. In return , I want to give back to the orphans and donate money to help them grow up and get the necessities they need to complete whatever task they need to. This is a great cause and it is important to me because it helped me understand one very important life lesson , but its also important to the orphans. So I'm going to donate money , but I ask that whoever reads this becomes inspired and donates money too.

Where will the money go?
100% of your donation will fund
education and health care projects