Team:Hundreds for Homeless

Goal $ 5,000.00
31.98% towards our goal
$ 1,599.00 raised
Help orphaned children

This team consists of 9 people- Arden Shiller, Julia Ricklin, Rachel Hammelman, Ashvika Dhir, Brooke

We are helping to raise money for Empower Orphans, as we feel that every child should have a good childhood to look back on, and help when facing the outside world.

If you would also like to help orphans and under-priveleged children, please donate/join our team.

Where will the money go?
100% of your donation will fund
education and health care projects


Craft Fair $ 760.00 11-07-2009
Garage Sale $ 789.00 09-19-2009
Connor Watts $ 50.00 09-12-2009