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Helping to improve the lives of underprivileged children across the globe

Many of the children who attend Deepalaya live in slums and cannot pay for education. People who live in slums have very little space to live in.  At least 7-8 people live in one house. Deepalaya is trying very hard to help girls in these slums obtain an education.  My family has been sponsoring education for kids at this school and other schools for the last 10 years. I thought that visiting Deepalaya was nice because we got to see how kids on the other side of the world learn and live.   Also, when I was there I felt bad for the kids because they didn’t have any money and they didn’t have enough food.  Compared to how much stuff people have in America I knew that I should start helping!  

In May 2010, I visited my friend Neha in Pennsylvania.  Neha told me about all the projects she has done to help the kids in India and the US.  I thought it was a great idea and that I should start helping.  I have decided to help children all around the world get the education that they deserve and also find ways for them to improve their health. 

I have done a few projects in the last six years and now I am 14 and have decided to do bigger projects to make a difference.  I am requesting my friends and family to help me in this task in the coming years.

At the moment, I am working on a few projects:

  1. Education Support for Manisha, a young girl in Goa, India whose dream is to become a nurse and help society and support her mother and three younger siblings.  My family supported her last year to seek private tuition to get admission in a Nursing program.  She has been admitted in the Nursing school and I want to make sure that money does not become a problem for her to complete her education.  I am raising US $5,000 to support her education for four years.
  2. Conduct a Medical/Dental camp for street kids and orphans in India who cannot afford their own.  I am raising $2,500 to get up to 200 kids an overall checkup and individual help as needed. The kids whom we are helping are orphans, have been abandoned, or have a single parent working. The camp will take place at the Bombay hospital and organized by Dr. Kania. In addition, we are also in the process of organizing a medical/dental camp at an Orphanage in Chennai.  With recent flooding and national disaster, there is a huge need for kids at this orphanage in Chennai.
  3. Donate Music instruments for a school in Dharavi, Mumbai.  We received a request from a school in the largest slums in India where kids want to learn how to become musicians but don’t have the instruments to play or learn music.  Since I love music, I have committed to raise US $700 to buy the musical instruments as a Christmas gift for the kids at this school.

I plan to do more projects in India and USA and am fully dedicated to these projects and initiatives. I invite my friends and family to help in any capacity they can.

You can review my completed projects here.

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