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Student Trips to Malayaka House in Uganda

Student leaders fundraised and organized 2 trips, in 2017 and 2018, to the Malayaka House in Entebbe, Uganda. On both trips, the students spent time playing with and mentoring the children at the orphanage, forming life changing bonds. Head over to our blog to read more about these trips!

Big Ten Network Day at St.John’s Elementary School

Big Ten Network- Coat Collection and teaching about service. As part of EO’s week long collaboration with BTN, the team of students held a presentation for the entire school to teach the kids about service. They then held a coat collection, in which the students had to donate coats for distribution at lower income schools in the area. This was an incredible project, in which the children were able to see how much power they had in creating change.

Field Trip for CCYSB Kids to Penn State Sporting Events

Twice, student leaders took children from Centre County Youth Service Bureau to Penn State sporting events, including the Women’s Basketball and Women’s Volleyball games, where the kids got to cheer for players and even meet them.


Volunteering at Hershey Medical Center 

On two different occasions, members of EO spent the afternoon with children at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. During one trip, they made felt blankets at the children’s center. EO brought the fabric, and then each member helped a child tie the pieces of fabric into a unique blanket. On another trip, they made dream catchers with the children.

Toy Donations To Hershey Medical Center

Twice, volunteers donated toys to the Children’s Center at Hershey Children’s Hospital so that in-patients can each receive toys and take the toys home with them.

Service Learning at St.John’s Elementary School

EO traveled St. John's elementary school in State College, PA where they taught the children about giving back to their community. The children each had to come up with 4 service acts that they had to complete within the month. The classroom that completed all of their acts were given a prize. The children also created festive cards to give to a local retirement home.


Ripple Effect Day at St.John’s Elementary School

EO students went back to St.John’s elementary school to host a Ripple Effect day, when they taught the kids about the Ripple Effect. They conducted a hands on demonstration, dropping a pebble into a bowl of water. This really resonated with the children, showing them that their positive actions could have huge impacts on their communities.

Monthly Mentoring at Penns Valley Youth Center

Empower Orphans students have travelled to Penns Valley Youth Center in State College, PA 8 times, to mentor the kids as part of their after school program. They often play sports with the kids, tutor them, and make dinner for them.

Weekly Mentoring at Park Forest Preschool

Empower Orphans students have travelled to Park Forest preschool 13 times to spend their mornings playing with and mentoring children at the school

Community Garden

College Planning Workshop at PVYC

In partnership with Kids Rights, Empower Orphans students hosted a College Planning Workshop for high school students at PVYC to discuss the steps to get into college and various options post-high school. They donated SAT books & calculators and spent time with each student, understanding his/her interests and giving personalized advice.

Shampoo & Body Wash Donations to Park Forest Preschool

​​Volunteers donated shampoo to all of the kids at Park Forest preschool in Fall 2017

Volunteers donated body wash to all of the kids at Park Forest preschool in Fall 2018

Holiday Gift Donations to Centre County Youth Service Bureau

Volunteers bought individualized presents for each of the kids at CCYSB, based on their wishlists, for 3 years in a row


Toys and Game Donations

Toys, including board games, cars, dolls, and stuffed animals, were donated to Empower Orphans. Those toys were distributed to CCYSB, Bellefonte Youth Center, and Park Forest Preschool.

Sponsorship of Orphans at Awaken Haiti

A part of the funds raised by the chapter at Penn State University, goes to supporting the education and healthcare of 3 orphans at Awaken Haiti, a Haitian orphanage.

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