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Join The Ripple of Empower Orphans

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No matter where you are, you can be a part of the #RippleEffect.

Empathy In Action
Join the Empathy In Action initiative by browsing our list of hundreds of small acts of goodness guaranteed to make someone’s day – from holding a door open to buying your neighbor a coffee. See more details on Neha’s OneNote.

Volunteer in Your Community
Every community has room for more doing. Check out your local student organizations that coordinate volunteer work and donate your time to a cause you believe in.  

Turn Your Change Into Change
Change can make big changes. From buying backpacks to books to vital medical services, your lose change can have a huge impact on a child in India. Donate online.

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The Collective Project_ The Ripple Effect

The Collective Project_ Ripple Effect at Penn State

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The Story of one Ripple Effect

From the age of 9, the #CollectiveProject's Neha Gupta wanted to change the world. After starting Empower Orphans with a garage sale, she expanded her organization, creating change and becoming a voice for children everywhere. Follow Neha’s incredible story and help her create a #RippleEffect to change lives.

#RippleEffect: Text

When she was nine, Penn State freshman Neha Gupta held a garage sale to raise money for orphans she’d met while visiting family in India. Since then, her idea has rippled out and touched the lives of many children all over the world.


Neha spent her childhood taking trips with her parents to their native India. After seeing children her own age who didn’t have basic access to education or healthcare, she felt that she had to do something about it. At 9-years-old, Neha sold all of her toys in a garage sale and raised about $800 to seed what would become Empower Orphans. That first ripple and her belief of youth helping other youth has grown into the successful organization she runs today, which has contributed over millions of dollars to help children around the world.


Neha’s organization, Empower Orphans, has established multiple libraries,  computer labs, and a robust sewing center. They have conducted regular annual medical clinics, eye and dental camps, installed a water well, and given toys and technology to hospitalized children. They have donated clothing, blankets, shoes, and school supplies to children in need. And they are continuing to work on new initiatives that continue to improve the lives of children across the globe.


Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu presents the 2014 International Children’s Peace Prize to Neha Gupta. In 2013, Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai won the same honor.

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