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Alison in Uganda

Hi everyone!

Today was our first official day at Malayaka House. There really are no words to explain the experience so far. Malayaka house is truly an amazing place. We started the day hanging out with the younger kids Henry, Dave and Patricia. They were so full of energy and spent the majority of the morning running around and playing with their new trucks. We also had the chance to go into town and experience more of Entebbe, which is a really amazing and beautiful place. After picking up Alex and Georgie at school, we headed back to Malayaka House. The afternoon was so much fun and we got to meet all the older kids. As they got home from school, we spent time helping them with their homework. I got to spend a lot of time with Malayaka, as we worked through numerous addition and subtraction problems, before moving on to multiplication. She is such an outgoing girl, who is exceptionally good at braiding hair. I learned she loves to read, especially Cam Jansen, one of my favorite childhood books series as well. Ishmat and I read about four books in the library, after which he beat me in a riveting game of cards. One of my favorite moments was when Drew got to play Let It Be by the Beatles on the piano and all the kids ran into the library singing every word to the song. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading books and playing A LOT of soccer. There really are no words that can properly explain the experience so far. It has already exceeded any expectations I had before coming. Each and every kid I have spent time with so far has been so happy. You would never guess the circumstances they came from based on their smiles and positive attitudes. With the first day down, I am looking forward to getting to know all the kids better and seeing what the rest of the week brings.


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