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Introducing The Exec: Alison Barrett

My name is Alison and I am a senior from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am a biology major with a sociology minor and am still planning out what the future holds for me. Maybe medical school, maybe law school, who knows? As the oldest of five siblings, family is something I really value in my life. My siblings and I are very close in age and currently two of my sisters also attend Penn State which is very exciting. My favorite place to be is my lake house at Lake Ariel. I love to kayak and paddle board and could be on the water all day.

This year I will be acting as the Director of Finance of Empower Orphans and I am so excited to work with all the returning and new members on a number of fundraising events to benefit our organization. Fundraising is such an important part of our club because it grants us so many opportunities to help those in our community and our friends internationally. Empower Orphans has been such a big part of my college career and has introduced me to so many amazing people within the club, as well as amazing people that are a part of the outside organizations with whom we have formed relationships. Empower Orphans has taught me the power that small club can have when you put together a group of people that are determined to make a difference. Last year I had the opportunity to spend a week at Malayaka House in Uganda, an opportunity I will be forever grateful to Empower Orphans for giving me. My week in Uganda transformed by mindset surrounding service because I learned that service isn’t just about giving; it is also about receiving. Whether it be knowledge, experience or relationships, service has taught me more about culture, diversity and the world than I could ever learn in any classroom. I am so excited to continue that service with our club this year and watch us continue to grow.

My aunt was very involved in service throughout her life and told me something that has stuck with me during my time at Penn State and with Empower Orphans. “There is no shame in asking for help, or asking on the behalf of others. There will be times in your life when you are on the giving end and there will be times in life when you are on the receiving end. Handle both with grace and humility.” This quote has guided me through my experiences in Empower Orphans.

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