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Introducing the Exec: Shannon Hagarty

My name is Shannon Hagarty and I am a senior from Springfield, PA (Delco) majoring in Nursing. When I was growing up, I refused to even consider Penn State as a college or even major in nursing. My mom had gone to PSU and became a nurse and I was determined to be “rebellious” and “my own person”. But she made me go on a tour regardless and I fell in love with Penn State and have yet to fall out. Subsequently, I realized my mom may have had the right idea with majoring in nursing and I followed in her footsteps there too. Now entering my senior year, I can’t believe that 3 years have gone by so fast. I hope to dive into every opportunity that is offered to me and graduate having left it all on the table.

This is my second year acting as Communications Director and I hope to take the position to even further heights. I work with the Internal Communications Chair, the Technology and Graphic Designs Chair, and soon the Social Media Chair to make sure that all of Empower Orphans members stayed informed and keep our message spreading throughout the Penn State community and beyond. We’re always looking for new opportunities and partnerships! This year I am very excited to be working with our Uganda trip to visit the Malayka House and expand Empower Orphans message even further.

I’ll end my post with how I end almost every Empower Orphans meeting:

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