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Not Your Average Wednesday...

Amelia Browning (Senior)

Days of the week are known for causing a feeling, a general mood, or a persona of sorts. Monday should be refreshing, a new start to a new week, but too often turns into a dreary, sleep-deprived day. Tuesday is an ok day, and then turns into a great day at 8pm when EO meets. Wednesday’s claim to fame is the camel “Hump Day” commercial that has generated copious amounts of internet memes. Last night, however, Wednesday took a new claim to fame for EO members.

Eight EO members visited the Penns Valley Youth Center (PYVC), a non-profit led by the Narber family. As EO members spilled out of cars (thank you Josh and Callie for driving!), students waved hello and ran around a playground. Mr. Narber met EO at the door, and welcomed members inside a former school that now houses PVYC. Josh and Nafis engaged in an intense basketball game with the students; Katherine and a student showed off their muscles with a pull-up competition; Shannon made a new friend; and, Emily displayed her competitive side during a game of Newcomb. It was three hours of crazy, amazing bliss.

In between games, dinner, and fitness competitions, EO members learned about the students and PVYC’s mission. Some of the students came to PVYC for companionship, and a safe place to be heard and respected. Others stumbled into PVYC–like EO–unaware of the strength, love, and friendship that laid inside. Each student had a different story, and no matter the student’s path through life, PVYC welcomed him or her with open arms. Needless to say, it was pretty amazing for a Wednesday.

Eventually, EO reluctantly left PVYC to return to campus. Standing in the parking lot, members shared in wonderment the stories learned during the short visit. It was decided unanimously that EO members found friends, a like-hearted souls, in the leaders and students of PVYC.

PVYC, EO will be back.

Yesterday went from a typical Wednesday-Hump Day to a memorable, inspiring EO day. In light of Wednesday’s transformation, I encourage anyone and everyone reading this post to transform Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or whatever day you stumbled upon this blog post, to reach out to someone. Open the door for someone. Smile to some walking down the street. When someone asks to borrow a pen, let them keep it. Everyone has a story, and everyone has a burden to bear. The smallest act of kindness, the smallest demonstration of friendship, can transform someone’s day. I dare you to start the transformation.

Want to learn more about PVYC? Click here:

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