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Welcome All!

Nafis Khan (Senior)

Welcome to Empower Orphans PSU. The first collegiate chapter of Empower Orphans. As far as being an on-campus organization, our goal is to support our surrounding community in any way that we see fit. Since our focus as an organization is to provide children with the tools to succeed, this means that our focus in Centre County is to reach out and help as many local children as we can. In the short time of our existence as a club we have been able to work with many schools and organizations such as Penns Valley Youth Services Club, the St. John’s school of Bellefonte, and the Centre County Youth Services Bureau. Each of these organizations have provided me and my fellow club members with a sense of duty and accomplishment as we have been able to give back to the community by working with all of these wonderful organizations to bring smiles and excitement to the faces of their children. This sense of accomplishment is something that I wish to bestow on to you, the reader. I am not here to pander to you about joining Empower Orphans PSU. I am simply here to inform you that your time in college moves pretty quickly so it is important that you find a cause that really speaks to you. Once you figure that out, pursue that passion until you have reached its limit. There are so many fresh opportunities available to you here at Penn State that once you find your niche, you should have no problem delving whole-heartedly into this great cause you seek to act upon. I said I wasn’t going to pander but if working with children, philanthropy, and meeting some cool people is something that sounds right up your alley then come check out Empower Orphans PSU in room 060 Willard Building Tuesdays starting August 29th! If that’s not your thing then check out the involvement fair all day August 23rd on the HUB lawn. There are a lot of great initiatives out there. Definitely take your first couple of days in University Park easy, but keep an eye out for things that spark a fire in you.

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