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Why now? Why EO?

Shannon Hagarty (Junior)

If you’re a freshman signing up for your first clubs of college or a junior like me who is still trying to find new clubs to join, the first two weeks of Fall semester can be very overwhelming. All of the sudden you are on 20 email lists and have done the same 5 ice breakers countless times. By now you’re starting to try and figure out what clubs you’re going to stick with through the year.

Why should Empower Orphans make your list? Because Empower Orphans’ is different. Empower Orphans is making a difference in the world right now and strives to make every day a productive one.

In the coming weeks, you will get to do your certifications to volunteer at the Penns Valley Youth Center (PVYC). PVYC is a non-profit youth center run by the Narber family which acts as a positive environment for children in the community who may not have that environment in their own home. The kids are just looking for something as simple as someone to play games with them and give them the attention and guidance they deserve. Empower Orphans is expanding their partnership with PVYC and have a goal of going there on a weekly basis to be a pillar of support in these kids’ lives.

You’ll be able to raise money for our sponsored orphans in Haiti and pioneer new ways to help children throughout the world, especially those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. This is YOUR moment to make a difference. If you don’t take the opportunity now, then when?

I signed up for Empower Orphans my sophomore year and immediately regretted not joining sooner. I have found that my life circulates trying to find ways to help kids and Empower Orphans does just that. Everything they do is to make the difference in the life of a child. It is an organization where I’m proud to be the Communications Director and will be forever to proud to be a member of.

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